PepsiCo’s Jody Davids’ Extraordinary Rise From Executive Assistant To Board Level CIO

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Jody Davids has been the chief information officer of four major companies: Cardinal Health, Best Buy, Agrium, and, since April of 2016, PepsiCo. She had set the goal to be the CIO of a Fortune 200 company , and now she has done so multiple times over. Early in her career, she also set a goal of becoming a board-level CIO, and she accomplished that in January 2015, when she joined the board of the North Carolina-based healthcare company, Premier, Inc.

All of this is particularly remarkable given the fact that she started her career as an executive assistant at General Electric. It was during her time there when her ambition was awakened. She had an assignment that gave her exposure to the paygrades across the company, and she realized how much more she could be paid if she joined the IT department.

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